A collection of jackets inspired by military uniforms embellished by handmade embroiderys. The same jackets for women and men: same style, same shape to give the unisex image. The size development’s study offers different comfort for women and men. Combine tradition and innovation, bring hand-craft culture into a new way of conceiving tradition. As Neo-realism has done for the story of Cinema in the world, the designer Mariù De Sica wants to carry on the family tradition, bringing real issues such as environmental sustainability into fashion. This is the goal for the Italian brand, because knowing history is the best way to understand the present and anticipate the future.

Meet the Italian Style


MDS Green Army brings the search for eco-sustainability to a new level. All our unisex jackets are made with natural fabrics. The companies that pack our garments follow the ethics of energy saving, limiting energy or material consumption as in case of reuse. Our fabrics are naturally washed to give a greater softness article. Our colors are sampled internally and not treated with chemical natives. These feautures gives different shades of unique and inimitable color thanks to the used fabric.

Tradition & Innovation

MDS Green Army jackets are entirely made in Italy: an Italian manpower that is rooted in the country’s tailor-made tradition.
The wisdom of tradition joins the courage of innovation to create a new story where past becomes inspiration for the present.



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italian style, green attitude

There is only a way that leads to the future, and it is green.

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